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Real fact-checking and real information that is true for the welfare of the public don’t come from the private media organizations or groups who have vested interest individuals behind them who sustained and financed their business operations—because vested interest matters!

Time is fast-dawning for like-minded individuals to crack all the lies behind the information the Internet has been constantly feeding us. We dare to #evolve.

The Philippine Pundit is a borderless citizen journalism platform that publishes content the world is worth knowing. An independent online media that must be free from any form of interventions or the state and capitalist dictatorships in terms of editorial guidelines, content curation, and publication’s mission-vision statement or direction.

Our Vision

Philippine Pundit envisions a truly independent, borderless citizen journalism platform that is open to all citizens, regardless of nationality, background, race, gender, or political affiliation.

We are those who have inspiring and worth-telling stories, critical insights and commentaries on critical topics and social issues, and exclusive news, or even news updates or trends in various fields.

We are those who have valuable information the world needs to know without restrictions and any vested interest to protect, except for the interest of the public so they may truly know.

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