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What is citizen journalism?

Courtney C. Radsch defines citizen journalism as an “alternative and activist form of news gathering and reporting that functions outside mainstream media institutions.”

Citizen journalism is also known as “participatory journalism” or “street journalism” based upon the public active participation in the collection of news and analysis of the information making them available to the public. It is journalism from the public to the public for the public.

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Do you have stories, beats, exclusives, on-the-spot reports/coverage, or critical opinion about social issues and no-holds-barred commentaries on anything from news, politics, business, and technology to laws and governance or anything worth sharing? Get it published. This is our voice—our platform.

As contributors or citizen journalists, a.k.a citizen journo, for The Philippine Pundit Citizen Journalism, all your submitted articles or content published on this platform are automatically owned by The Philippine Pundit and are subject to copyright laws. Before articles or content are posted on the website, they are first edited, fact-checked, or moderated by the editor of The Philippine Pundit.

Moreover, the writer of the article or content shall be responsible for his or her source or sources and shall be dealt with the proper diligence of a good father of a family.

Do we earn as a citizen journalist of The Philippine Pundit?

At a time when the readership of The Philippine Pundit grows together with the monetization of each content published, writers will be informed of changes and updates and possible profit-sharing scheme based on page views of each article published.

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