About Philippine Pundit

About Philippine Pundit: We are a borderless citizen journalism platform publishing news and commentary

What is all about Philippine Pundit?

We are a borderless citizen journalism platform publishing the latest and breaking news, critical opinions, no-holds-barred commentaries, and anything worth sharing from politics, social issues, and business trends to technology updates.

About Philippine Pundit Mission Statement

Philippine Pundit pivots itself to become one of the most preferred online citizen journalism platforms with credible and verifiable sources and a quick reference guide for critical opinions and no-holds-barred commentaries on social issues and politics, news, technology, and business developments.

About Philippine Pundit Value Proposition

It is the value proposition of Philippine Pundit to keep its credibility, objectivity, balance, and relevance always in check.

At par with the public interest, we provide quality content worth publishing and engaging by delivering no spin coverage of news and updates, reporting events or trends worth sharing with the public, and engaging in or writing no-holds-barred commentaries and data-based opinions about politics, governance, and social issues worth critiquing.

Philippine Pundit stands in unity among the rest of online sources, online citizen journalism platforms, various press or cause-oriented institutions, and the mainstream media to fight against fake news and to uphold the free flow of ideas, opinions, or the freedom of the press.

The Author, Editor and Web Admin


Philippine Pundit is open to all—newbies or experienced in writing or in journalism. It is our unified goal to critically inform the public with credible information and verifiable sources to help them arrive at making well-informed decisions.

Any topics you think are worth sharing, get it published, and join with the rest of Philippine Pundit contributors as citizen journalists wielding their pens to help start changing the way the world unfolds.

Wherever you are, regardless of race, color, belief, gender preference, affiliation, or just simply be you, this is our voice, our platform. This platform is we—about us, about the people and the world, and about Philippine Pundit as a borderless citizen journalism platform.

DISCLAIMER: Philippine Pundit, in any way, is NOT affiliated with the government of the Republic of the Philippines or its other agencies or any attached instrumentalities.