Mark of the Beast, COVID-19 Vax: What They Likely Tell Us About [A Lucid Dream]

This is the author’s personal experience and self-understanding about things around both palpable and otherworldly. The author has been on a self-spiritual journey since 2014. It is expected that all his learning experience and insights about things that ensued upon his spiritual journey should not be taken as gospel truth or should not be used as standards for any truth or belief.

The understanding of the mark of the beast and the imposition of COVID-19 vaccines during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic play an important decision-making role in humanity in the face of fear and total control.

Nobody is a monopoly of divine gifts. It saddens me that some divinely gifted people used it for their advantage under the guise of helping people get informed while accepting “bribes” and making themselves drunk.

But life on Earth in the physical realm is a big joke after all. We tend to understand it as truth though philosophically it isn’t; rather, an illusion.

But trust me, once you step into the higher consciousness process, you’ll start feeling the sensation and seeing things that may be odd to some but another thing for you, which can be fulfilling or somehow liberating.

Spiritual Journey and Lucid Dreaming

In October 2014, I started making out things for a spiritual journey by myself for personal purposes and motivations that are drawn from deep observation and curiosity about life and existence. Meditation was my first base of understanding to strike a chord for the journey.

The journey is tiring, exhaustive, and abstinent. So exhaustive and tiring that one time I found myself in a state hard to explain. I shed tears without crying but with juxtaposed feelings of freedom, understanding, and sadness that the only way I could think of a way out is getting myself to the way in. The oddity is real.

It was in 2018 when I started feeling and seeing things odd. Almost every night I experienced lucid dreaming. I also felt and in an odd way absorbed the feelings of others and somehow managed to get in straight to someone’s thought and even heard murmurs or whispers even the conversation of people who are a few meters away from me. But this happened not all the time. Rather, it just hit me effortlessly and unexpectedly. It was like their voices are transported through the wind from where they are to my ear. That’s odd.

Sometime in the late quarter of that year, I encountered the god Satan through a lucid dream. You asked me why I called Satan god. Because Satan is one of the gods after all. The reason why all of us must show respect and try to understand that we are all part of godness or divinity that we have not yet known about it. And this is another piece I will be writing about.

Lucid dreaming is experiencing a dream while asleep, but the dreamer is fully aware of the experience and the happenings while dreaming. And this is what happened:

I struggled to run away from him but he was too willing to make a conversation with me. He was cold-blood red, with horns and tail and without any means of body covering at all. He has a good, lean, well-toned physique of a well-matured man. His face is as common as what everybody would see as the face of evil in his or her imagination.

The god Satan has no sex organ for gender identification. I did not see one. But for the sake of convenience, let me use the masculine pronoun as the referent gender identity of the god Satan. Besides, he spoke in the English language during our encounter. I also wondered why in English instead of Filipino. And why the god Satan instead of Jesus? This is another piece of writing that I will take the courage to face condemnation from the face of the Earth.

He was the god most of us worshipped unknowingly, the god Satan. The god I never expected to have had an encounter in a broad daylight while I was asleep past noon.

As we look each other face-to-face yet with a little more distance because that was what I need to do I just felt. Then, he said, “Let’s talk.” I listened.

He asked me if I would want to become like the people he showed me in just a flick of the moment as he gestured his left hand toward the left. There I saw in the direction of his hand people were “walking dead” without purpose—as what my heart was telling me at that moment.

The environment appeared to me as something cold, with dry ice evaporating around. I could feel that they were under the control of something or someone. They acted like they didn’t even know what they were doing. And what I did understand at that time and what my heart had to say, I said to him, “No.”

Then, he gestured his right hand in the right direction where he showed me someone and he said, “Then, look at you.” I watched his hand in a direction where I saw myself. And then I felt something that guided me to help me understand what the god Satan told me about my future. He suddenly left and disappeared. I woke up.

The god Satan has a message for me that I need to understand. When I tried to disregard the said encounter, it kept on haunting me as I felt that I have to understand and do something about it.

I told this encounter to my close friends and my family later in 2020 when the COVID-19 virus news broke out. It just popped into my head that what my 2018 encounter with god Satan has something to do with this COVID-19 viral event.

I told them there would be something wrong about to happen, and that it would take one’s wisdom to get warned of the mark of the beast that is nearing too soon.

Then, the imposition of COVID-19 vaccines became the central core of the pandemic. That is, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) then echoed by governments, the only way to fight against the dreadful virus.

Early on, I told my close friends and family that this was a global play—a conspiracy drama to bring about the United Nations Agenda 21 or the now so-called Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 (SDGs 2030).

Why? Because that was what my understanding that was effortlessly popped into my head about my 2018 encounter with god Satan.

The Mark of the Beast

The mark of the beast and COVID-19 vaccines: Lucifer and I
This image bears resemblance to god Satan I closely interacted face-to-face during the 2018 lucid dream encounter. (Photo: Satan the Fallen Angel from

Those people I saw in my 2018 encounter with god Satan are people under control. Their movements are limited and controlled. As they walked, I sensed that they have no purpose at all or they just moved and followed orders either from the demands of time and survival or from authorities.

Almost similarly, that was what has been happening now—the signs that the mark of the beast and COVID-19 vaccines are manifesting that give an impact on the lives of people—movements are controlled or limited.

What is also manifesting are COVID-19 vaccines that have been used as a “badge” implemented in exchange for something people wanted to take advantage of out of survival or luxury.

Some of us may hold on to discernment through wisdom and strong faith in the name of Jesus that would likely put something to rest; they believe.

Things would become clearer sooner. However, I am afraid that people have become so used to it that conformity is the new rule for survival.

The mark of the beast has gone deeper and farther down to the subconscious aspect of the living so it is more accepted, tolerated, and lived by.

Now, the WHO and governments all over the world, including various organizations, are trying so hard to convince people to get vaccinated. Why?

While it takes years for vaccines to test their efficacy and to determine post-side effects, why rush it under the guise of no other way out but to get in—to get vaccinated?

Regardless, they wanted us so badly to get inoculated. The reason why vaccine cards are soon likely to be instituted.

Do “mark of the beast” and COVID-19 vaccines likely told us about one thing?

My intuition says so. They both likely speak about “one thing”—about control, submission, and acceptance in exchange for things that would also be part of the many things to come.

COVID-19 vaccines would become a necessity for survival and luxury.

From the words in Matthew 16:26, which I also remembered my father shared it to me when I was a kid sometime when we used to have some discussions about things in the Bible, it says, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

Revelation’s “mark of the beast” is synonymous with what has been happening now. Although different interpretations have different shades of meaning, one thing has in common: our freedom in exchange for something for survival and luxury.

Our movements are limited. Our social benefits and governmental support have become dependent on whether you take the jab or get vaccinated.

Our freedoms and rights have been reduced to prefer national health security or overall health concerns gradually to individuals’ autonomy—the right to choose and the freedom to self-preservation.

Governments and various organizations want us to be totally under control.

Anything that threatens our rights and freedoms as human beings that leads to one’s enjoyment and advantage is akin to Revelation’s description of the “mark of the beast.”

We must be wise enough to discern it. Or we lose our very souls. ▲


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