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The mark of the beast and COVID-19 vaccines this time of the COVID-19 pandemic plays an important decision-making role. Discernment through wisdom and strong faith in the name of Jesus would put something to rest. Nobody is a monopoly on divine gifts. It saddens me that some gifted folks used it for their advantage under the guise of helping people get informed while accepting “bribes” and making themselves drunk. But life on Earth in the physical realm is a big joke after all. We tend to understand it is the truth. But trust me, once you step into consciousness, you’ll never be mistaken again.

I struggled to run away from him but he was too willing to make a conversation with me. He was cold-blood red, with horns and tail and without any means of body covering at all. He has a good, lean, well-toned physique of a well-matured man. His face is as common as what everybody would see as the face of evil in his or her imagination.

He was the god most of us worshipped unknowingly, the god Satan. The god I never expected to have had an encounter in a broad daylight while I slept after I took my lunch.

The god Satan asked me if I would want to become like the people he showed me with a flick of his hand. There I saw in the direction of his hand that people were like “walking dead” without purpose. The environment appeared to me as something cold, with dry ice evaporating around. I could feel that they were under the control of something or someone. They acted like they didn’t even know what they were doing. And what I did understand at that time was I had to say, “No.”

Then, god Satan guided me in a direction where he showed me someone he said, whom I would be like forever. I saw myself sleeping so tight. Then, I woke up.

It was not simply a dream. It was a lucid dream. The god Satan has a message for me that I need to understand. Over again, this encounter with the god Satan keeps on haunting me as if  I need to have to understand it. I told this dream to my close friends and my family. I told them there would be something wrong about to happen and that it would take one’s wisdom to get warned of the mark of the beast and COVID-19 vaccines.

The mark of the beast

Looking back to my lucid dream, I could sense the atmosphere was like this COVID-19 pandemic. People are under control; their movements are limited. What the god Satan showed me was similar to what has been happening now—the signs that the mark of the beast and COVID-19 vaccines are manifesting that give an impact on the lives of people—movements are controlled or limited, vaccines are used as a “badge” implemented in exchange for something people wanted to avail for their survival.

When the god Satan asked me to join with the rest of the people I saw in the vision, I said in the negative. We spoke in English, I didn’t know why. It baffled me of all languages on Earth why English.

The mark of the beast and COVID-19 vaccines: Lucifer and I
A near depiction of the god Satan based on my lucid dream. (Photo: Satan the Fallen Angel from

Now governments all over the world, including various organizations, are trying so hard to convince people to get vaccinated. Why? It takes years for vaccines to test their efficacy and to determine post side effects. Why rush it under the guise of no other way out but to get in—to get vaccinated?

Regardless, they wanted us so badly to get inoculated. Is this also what the god Satan wanted me to join with those people in the vision I saw who were “walking dead” and as if their lives have no purpose at all? Are the mark of the beast and COVID-19 vaccines speak one thing or another? My intuition says so. They speak of one thing and are part of the many things to come.

And he said that because I do not want to join them, my life would be helpless. This leads me to ponder upon the words in Matthew 16:26, “What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

Revelation’s “mark of the beast” is synonymous with what has been happening now. Although different interpretations have different shades of meaning, one thing has in common: Our freedom in exchange for something for survival.

Our movements are limited. Our social benefits and governmental support have become dependent on whether you take the jab or get vaccinated. Our freedoms have been reduced to prefer national health security or for overall health concerns gradually ignoring individual autonomy—the right to choose, the freedom to self-preservation.

The government and the various organizations want us to be totally under control. The government seems like cannot be trusted anymore. Anything that threatens our very own rights and freedoms as human beings that leads to one’s enjoyment is akin to the “mark of the beast” we must be wise enough to discern it. Or we lose our very souls.

I started meditation in the late quarter of 2017. Before my lucid dream encounter with the god Satan, almost every day and repeatedly I experienced lucid dreams. I got outside of my body and started flying using my hands to go up because I felt something had kept on chasing me.

Meditation is a form of prayer. A silent communication with your own higher self. It is what Jesus wanted us to know about—know thyself—when he said in the Book of Thomas the Contender, “Examine yourself, and learn who you are, in what way you exist, and how you will come to be … For he who has not known himself has known nothing, but he who has known himself has at the same time already achieved knowledge about the depth of the all.”

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