COVID-19 vaccination: Is it being used for good?

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As the COVID-19 vaccination has been implemented worldwide and as the Food and Drug Administration quickly approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccines, the independent journalist Taylor Hudak of The Last American Vagabond interviewed prominent experts in the field of medicine, science, and economics for us to better understand the unfolding public policy brought about by this COVID-19 pandemic. And why the governments around the world are exerting too much effort to convince people to get vaccinated. The interview also discusses answers on the possibility of a vaccine passport program.

Hudak interviewed Dr. Michael Palmer, a trained medical doctor with a specialization in medical microbiology and with extensive research in biochemistry, and Catherine Austin Fitts, who formerly served as assistant secretary for Housing and as Federal Housing Commissioner during the first Bush administration.

COVID-19 vaccination: Is it being used for the good of the people?
Dr. Palmer and Fitts interview with Hudak of The Last American Vagabond

Dr. Palmer concluded that to “use the experimental, unproven COVID-19 vaccines and roll out worldwide is lunacy.”

Meanwhile, when asked about what is in the vaccination or if it is being used for the good of the people, Fitts said it is not clear for her what is the goal of the vaccines is other than financial.

Fitts continued,

There is a tremendous need as we are in the middle of reengineering the global currency system… if it is cleared (?) to institute the new financial transaction system they need a passport system.

A vaccine passport system replaces the currency system that could be centrally, completely controlled—connecting the dots, this may lead to the Biblical “mark of the beast.”

What else in the COVID-19 vaccination?

She also said that it looks to her, as to what else in the vaccination, simply just continuing the “process of dramatically increasing toxicity and suppressing the immune system.”

For more answers to the most troubling questions about this COVID-19 pandemic and its vaccination efforts, you may listen and watch the complete interview through this link here.

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