What is The Philippine Pundit all about?

The Philippine Pundit: A Borderless Citizen Journalism Blog

The Philippine Pundit is a borderless, atypical punditry and insights knowledge blog for Filipinos and Beyond. It always adheres to publishing matter-of-factly no-holds-barred commentaries, studied insights about issues that matter, and philosophical views about understanding life and existence through the lens of gnostic spirituality and ontological mathematics.

The Philippine Pundit also known as Philippine Pundit or PHPundit, also dabbles in the latest and breaking news, press releases, government proclamations, international relations, business, marketing, technology, and updates on global health and security, as well as terrorism.

Atypical knowledge platform

As a borderless, atypical knowledge platform, we conform to the basic tenets and standards of principles of journalism as we publish news articles and bits of information useful for education and general public reference.

Furthermore, we pivot ourselves to be one credible and trustworthy online media platform that centers on contributing facts, information, and insights worth considering for various decision-making.

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Consistent with our mission and value proposition, we encourage everyone, without restraint or discrimination, to submit news, commentary, articles about various social issues that matter, or anything worth sharing to help us make the world better informed.

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