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Red-tagged: Regel Javines is a Filipino blogger

“I was likely red-tagged; got fired”

I was mistakenly red-tagged and wrongfully misinterpreted. I got fired without any acceptable and valid reason for my end. I was denied and robbed.


In Marcos disqualification case: Presumptive president Bongbong Marcos

Marcos disqualification case: SC has no jurisdiction

The question of fact is no longer the duty of the Supreme Court. The Comelec en banc resolution unanimously affirms the dismissal of Marcos disqualification case.


2022 national elections bets the Philippine Pundit choice

2022 national elections bets: Philippine Pundit choice

Philippine Pundit releases its electoral bets for this coming 2022 national elections to help Filipinos decide better.


The Landlord's Quest for Happiness narrative short story for kids

The Landlord’s Quest for Happiness

The Landlord’s Quest for Happiness is a narrative short story by Joel Ebardo. The quest for happiness is everyone’s dream worth pursuing.

The uninvited and the red pouch

The Uninvited and the Red Pouch

The Uninvited and the Red Pouch: Once there was in the little town of Salvador, there lived a poor maiden woman named Melissa. She was a kind and gentle girl.


China-Philippines sea row: Will there be another Falklands war in Asia?

China-Philippines sea row: What is at stake?

China-Philippines Scarborough Shoal Dispute

The best option left for this China-Philippines sea row is the right timing for any diplomatic moves. Not today, while the iron is still hot. Not also tomorrow when pride and sovereignty will be at stake.

Should America allow Obama once more?

Should America allow Obama once more?

US Presidential Election

The United States has been undergoing economic repairs throughout the Obama administration. Yet, alleviation could hardly be felt by the vast Americans.

Why The Hague ruling on China-Philippines dispute defective?: Jurisdictional Hearing in July 2015 at PCA

Why The Hague ruling on the China-Philippines dispute flawed

The Hague Ruling on China-PH Territorial Dispute

The Hague ruling on the China-Philippines dispute becomes only effective for the United States to advance its strategic military and intelligence positioning in vast Asia and the Pacific. How was that? Where are we in the game? Are we being politely used, or are we just being strategically outwitted and misled with legal calisthenics?

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