COVID-19 pandemic dictatorship under Duterte: Where are they?

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The COVID-19 pandemic dictatorship under Duterte has been so evident and unmistakable despite its imposition under the cloak of health measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease.

Yet, nobody from the ranks of #neveragain, #neverforget did we all hear them yet shouting at the top of their lungs.

Nobody from the Philippine legislators did we all hear them yet constantly reminding the Duterte government of the so-called “individual’s right to self-determine” despite the pandemic.

Nobody from the human rights advocates did we all see them yet staging demonstrations to pressure the government and the private employers against enforced vaccinations as a despicable affront to human rights.

Instead, an early electioneering mardi gras spoils the air of urgency to address some Duterte government’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic that positively will harm fundamental human rights.

What we all have seen and heard was resounding silent collaborative efforts (a euphemism for conspiracy) of all those we perceived staunch advocates of human rights. Those vocal critics against the Marcos dictatorship were also too acrimoniously in trying hard to despicably indulge the dark history of Philippine martial law, despite senescence of its resonance, have been seen too silent, too apathetic to notice an interplay between dictatorship during this COVID-19 pandemic and the individual’s fundamental human rights.

From the mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields to social distancing, travel protocols, and other oddities, the Duterte government appears as if one of the Three Stooges in a Despicable Minion Game of the World Health Organization (WHO) mandate.

Despite the Duterte government’s obedience to the god WHO imposition of these odd health protocols, the Philippines’ COVID-19 cases, with a simple Google search, are rising with over 18,000 new cases as of Sept. 20, 2021, with a 7-day average of 19,649 cases, the COVID19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University showed.

COVID-19 pandemic dictatorship under Duterte
A simple Google search for the Philippines’ COVID-19 cases shows the graphical statistics from Johns Hopkins University databank.

Why do these COVID-19 preventive protocols seem risible, anyway?

Cases keep on increasing despite the Duterte government’s mandatory imposition of the COVID-19 health and travel protocols, as of writing. Social distancing in everyday economic activities could be in no way be followed religiously.

Wearing face masks, despite its controversial effectiveness unless you trusted the WHO, appeared useless as evident to the rising cases. Medical experts, the likes of Dr. Sterling Simpson—a double board-certified pulmonary specialist—dissented that wearing face masks rather posed health risks.

COVID-19 pandemic dictatorship under Duterte

As cases continue to rise despite the strict implementation of the COVID-19 preventive protocols, state policing under the Duterte government has reinforced penalizing non-compliance with imprisonment.

Lockdowns have become a bane rather than a boon. Vaccination campaigns have appeared dictatorial in nature rather than a choice.

Reportedly, private employers mandated their workers to get vaccinated as the Duterte government’s COVID-19 task force strictly monitored and implemented 100% fully vaccinated employees. More than that, travel protocols have become more repressive to the individual’s freedom.

This coronavirus disease pandemic seemingly turns out as an opening salvo for more restrictions and state control over individual’s self-determination in the coming days—a prelude to the Biblical mark of the beast—many have brushed it aside.

Too many red flags to notice about this COVID-19 pandemic, and how the Duterte government interplays dictatorship and common good on the pretext of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Yet, we never heard about any rhetoric from #neveragain, #neverforget folks uneasy about the escalating individual’s freedom restriction amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rather, these perceived “human rights advocates” prefer to seemingly continue to play electioneering tirelessly sensationalizing the Marcos martial law as if they’re holier-than-thou.

We would never again rise and redeem ourselves from the dark history and could never move forward if we continue to never forget what have had in the past. RQJ

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