Echoes of Destiny

The poem, “Echoes of Destiny,” is about the transcendent nature of love beyond space and time. It reverberates, as well, in the ultimate belief in a soulmate, destiny, and fate. The structure of the poem is free verse that employs iambic pentameter consistently by each quatrain. The poet utilizes splendid metaphors and sublime personification and imagery that help the tone and flow of thoughts exude and reflect the capture of emotion.

Echoes of Destiny

In the tapestry of fate, where stars align,
Our love’s saga begins, divine and fine.
Amid the cosmic ballet, we await our cue,
For destiny’s hand to lead us to.

Do we share this life’s fleeting breath,
Or in another realm, entwined in death?
Across oceans vast, my spirit roams,
In search of the solace your love bestows.

Then, like a whisper in the night,
A stranger appears, bathed in light.
Though unknown, your essence I behold,
In your presence, my heart’s secrets unfold.

You arrive as a dream, yet palpably real,
Reviving hope when despair I feel.
In your gaze, a universe unfurls,
As my soul, enraptured, twirls and swirls.

You extend your hand, a lifeline so pure,
Yet, I falter, uncertain and unsure.
As you depart, my heart laments,
In your absence, my soul repents.

Why did I release you to the breeze,
When your love was all I sought to seize?
To hold you close, to never let go,
In a bond deeper than rivers flow.

Now adrift in the void of time,
A nomad in search of a paradigm.
Until fate’s symphony once more aligns,
And our souls converge in celestial signs.

On that sacred day, love’s anthem will sound,
Our hearts are entwined, forever bound.
For I am yours, and you are mine,
In a love that transcends the confines of time.

– Zazzie Garrido-Adolfo

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