Antiquated Thought. Spiteful Anemic Discourse.

On antiquated thought in some learning institutions

Saddened by an antiquated thought.
Pitied by compassion.
Emotionally broken…to death.

In a golden verdant learning institution,
I coursed my fate in;
Couldn’t believe at all,
This very foundation of learning,
Became an outright murderer.

True critical thinking they killed.
True thinking exercise they impaired.

Filled with the vigor of ideas,
Inside the room of monks and dogmas,
The spirit of true learning was discounted down to the last drop.

To the lowest possible degree of slowness;
Of backwardness;
Of mental retardation.

When authorities, deacons, and monks are lousy to be expected,
In promoting learning prosperity and vigor;
In promoting critical thinking that is boundless,
Unmarred. Unapologetic.

Alas, they even celebrated the languor!
The lassitude.
The laziness of thinking out of primeval conventions.

They even gratified it though;
With the learning in the past,
With convenience.
With anemic discourse… At ease…

Relied on it.
Worshipped it.
Stagnant… Lethargic.


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