[Editorial] The Abusive Power of Big Tech 5 — “Money talks, bullshit walks”

Who would have thought that the abusive power of Big Tech was extremely homicidal, corrupt, and savage?

Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, and Amazon launched a “coordinated effort” to silence President Donald Trump and his supporters not only in the US but also all over the world.

It was a global catastrophe in the freedom of speech to censor the increasing awareness of people on the alleged massive 2020 US election fraud, which made Democrat Joe Biden win.

Facebook said naively that President Trump was “too great a risk” as they have to suspend his account “indefinitely”.

Apple and Google, however, said that their move to boot Parler was insufficient policing of users’ posts. Then, Amazon suspends Parler.

How Odd the Abusive Power of Big Tech

Censorship is as a global concern as the Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic. But, as of press time, most mainstream media didn’t buy it. They didn’t even publish a call for unity against online censorship by Big Tech.

But when Maria Ressa of Rappler was convicted of libel, even the global media expressed unity to condemn the silencing of the press as if Ressa was silenced by the Duterte administration. Global supports flooded.

The abusive power of Big Tech on online censorship is violative of the free speech right of individuals. However hateful a speech it is, still, it is protected under the basic rights law.

Facebook and Twitter as online platforms for promoting open conversation and sharing of information, don’t have absolute power or authority to censor anyone. Otherwise, it defeats the very substance of their existence.

But what we have witnessed this far, Big Tech censorship ran as if they were the arbiter of free speech. And to prevent competition, they moved as if conniving with each other in the name of money, interest, and political affiliation.

More Than Competition Is Tyranny

John Matze of Parler said in his online statement that Amazon will be shutting off Parler, completely removing free speech off the Internet. He also said that the “coordinated attack” by the tech giants was to kill competition in the market.

Censorship—the abusive power of Big Tech—is more than killing the competition. Dark days for free speech is coming. Like the Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic that seeds fear globally, online censorship conditions us to a new normal era—communism.

Technology has been evolving this far and wide that led to human control easier and more effective than ever. Snooping has become normal as if an individual’s privacy no longer exists. The only thing that matters is the state’s affair. We are coming into those days. We are nearing the state’s total control over its population.

The world is changing the way we don’t matter. The shift is toward total control. It is human greed for power and wealth that ends us all. ▲


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