[Editorial] The Return of the Marcoses: A Sheer Discernment

Stop being irrelevant. The return of the Marcoses is not the return of martial law in the Philippines; neither does it mean tolerance of the human rights violations or acceptance nor a revision of history. Instead, it is a waking up of the Filipino people from the deep sleep of a decade-long politics of manipulation.

Stop self-agitating. Stop listening to the hyperbolized propaganda, melodramatized sentiments of the #neverforget, #neveragain pretentious woke, and the sensationalization of the martial law issues by the yellow media. Stop being odd. Stop behind the times thinking.

Without overemphasizing by citing any data to support an argument, as others may find it either too elitist or too professorial, how would you consider our country’s situation after the so-called “the fall of the Marcoses” through 1986 people power revolution that toppled the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos and catapulted the Aquinos to power?

Has the country’s situation been feeling well, better, or worse? Despite the so-called “restoration of democracy” after the late President Corazon C. Aquino’s ascension into power, still, poverty, crimes, corruption, corruption, and corruption are the leading issues that governance in the Philippines has.

The Marcoses’ stolen wealth? Those who barked the most and even incessantly, let them be so pious, immaculate, and beholden. But are they?

Reality check, why do a majority of our people still so poor while the country’s debt is getting larger and a few are becoming millionaires?

During this COVID-19 pandemic alone, while the country has been receiving global support and the Duterte government has been approving a humungous budget, the peasants, the workers, the unemployed, and the poorest of the poor still suffered the most. A few are thought to have gained millions if not billions out of business contracts.

There has been no declared martial law in the entire country since the Aquinos’ rise into power and the restoration of Philippine democracy. But appears that our country, if not “gang-robbed”, was systemically stolen over and over again, administration after administration post-martial law regime either unpunished or filed cases are kept dormant forever as issues of corruption in the government kept on making rounds.

Subjectively, the Philippines has been suffering worse situations nowadays or post martial law than during the Marcos martial law. This is evident through the worsening situations and issues of corruption thought to have been perpetrated by an administration after an administration post-Marcos regime. The heck, what’s the difference?

Unhampered Return

Now, as the return of the Marcoses is imminent, yellow journalism—a sensationalized breed of editorial tactic—begins to moan the loudest as its business speaks for it.

Never be swayed again by such a class. Never again be misled by their melodramas about martial law. Never again to get manipulated by the same fox that appears to be saints—their language is either concern or sympathy, yet their unified action is emptiness.

The Marcoses built infrastructure that the Philippines has been reaping economic, financial, social, and national security benefits even up to these days. Should the Marcoses repeat the same mistake, where do you think the Marcoses would go, especially in these times of high-end technology with just a click or tap?

We would not dare to forget the dark days of martial law in our country. We would never forget the trauma it brought us. History is as dark as what you would like to see but as beautiful as what it unfolds.

But are you not tired of trusting again and again with the same folks sensationalizing the issues about martial law—the era that brought us into a political awakening state? But are you not tired of listening to their bellows overemphasizing martial law while making sense out of our status quo post martial law how was it be like?

The return of the Marcoses would be the Filipinos’ only hope for the better, in these urgent times. Voting for the former Sen. Bongbong Marcos as president in May 2022 presidential election is SHEER DISCERNMENT—the waking up from the deep sleep of political manipulation, hoodwinked or duped.

We must dare to rise from the ashes of cyclical politics of manipulations by the yellow media. The return of the Marcoses is not forgetting about martial law at all nor is it revising history. Rather it is making history from deep sleep to waking up. It is about learning and rising above the long-decade status quo of stagnancy. The return of the Marcoses is unhampered after all as the public learned from the past. #2022presidentialelection PHPundit

The return of the Marcoses is not the return of martial law
The return of the Marcoses is waking up.

Feature Image credit: from Bongbong Marcos Facebook page


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