Is working remotely means horribly getting a pay cut?

When working remotely means getting a pay cut is no longer an issue to resolve but a trend employees need to get used to it.

Come across this LinkedIn post from Liz Ryan, founder/CEO of Human Workplace and author of “Reinvention Roadmap: Break the Rules to Get the Job You Want and Career You Deserve”. Liz posted, “Imagine that you work 100% remotely. Is it appropriate for your employer to cut your pay because you move to a lower cost of living area? This question must be worth discussing.

Is working remotely means getting a pay cut?
Liz Ryan of Human Workplace posted a relevant question that both employees and employers may reconsider thinking about it.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and despite easing health protocols, working remotely is still the most favorable option in the workplace. But how does this flexible working approach give rise to an impact on employee morale when it means getting a pay cut?

The question posted would be likely interpreted as how employees are valued during a pandemic when working remotely is the best option for employers to implement. Most respondents said an employee’s value does not change. So, a pay cut cannot be equated to working remotely regardless of the cost of living in a particular location where an employee prefers to work.

What do you think? Is working remotely means getting a pay cut because for several reasons like you are no longer spending on transportation going to and fro, or your location has a lower cost of living, etc.

What might be some possible reasons good enough to convince us why employers have to implement pay cuts for their employees working remotely? ▲


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