[Editorial] 2022 National Elections Bets: PHPundit Choice

Philippine Pundit, as an independent borderless citizen journalism platform, now releases its electoral bets for this coming 2022 national elections to help Filipinos decide better.

This coming 9th of May, Filipino voters will choose leaders who will govern not only the future of the Republic of the Philippines and its people but also will shape the pathways of national development.

These leaders will direct these tracks toward realizing the monumental and critical developments the Republic has to go through, especially this time when the global crisis of global security and stability, food, health, global climate change, global financial crisis, conflict, and human rights, especially the right to autonomy for us humans to feel free to make decisions are apparently under threat.

Philippine Pundit would like to call for all Filipino voters qualified to vote this coming May 9, 2022, to ponder first their choices and write the names of those candidates your conscience, your higher self, your heartbeat is whispering to you in silence. You have this instinct, the feeling that is indubitable and infallible. Use it.

Marcos – Duterte: 2022 National Elections Bets PHPundit Choice

The following are the 2022 national elections candidates Philippine Pundit decides to make this out so the public may know as part of its role to influence and to make a stand in the light of being an independent citizen journalism platform:

President: Bongbong Marcos
Vice President: Sara Duterte

Marcos - Duterte: 2022 national elections bets the Philippine Pundit choice
2022 national elections president and vice president aspirants Bongbong Marcos and Sara Duterte, respectively. (Image: Bongbong Marcos Facebook Page)

1. Greco Belgica
2. Jojo Binay
3. D’ Angelo David
4. Chiz Escudero
5. Luke Espiritu
6. Larry Gadon
7. Teodoro Gibo
8. Migz Zubiri

Party-List Groups:
1. Gabriela
4. Kabataan
5. Anakpawis

In this 2022 national election, the Philippine Pundit decides to choose only 8 out of 12 Senate seats for a reason the author chooses to keep private instead. These choices are made based on the candidates’ character, perceived leniency toward critical issues, past actions or decisions, and simply “feeling” of the author after such careful considerations.

The independence of the press should not be meant for being neutral on issues and subjects critical to social welfare. Rather, to be independent in making decisions and standing by them, and to take part in all discussions that are of concern to all.

Guard your rights. Defend your votes. Choose the one that makes you feel just right. Never be swayed by the propaganda that either supports or undermines the candidate’s profile. Look for sincerity. Their words may not speak so well about their actions. Their candidacy may be by proxy for a dismal personality hidden from sight—a puppet candidate. As of this moment, you should have learned to distinguish it. Ask for guidance and may the Light shine upon us on the day we cast our votes. ▲


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