Sass Rogando Sasot and Church of God incident— blatant display of hate


On Sass Rogando Sasot and Church of God incident, we condemned in the strongest sense of the word the blatant display of hatred and bigotry!

We are deeply disappointed at Church of God World Missions, Philippines – Dasmariñas’ unseemly behavior when it turned off the lights and sound system deliberately while Sass Rogando Sasot delivered a speech during the senior high school graduation exercises of the Southern Philippine Institute of Science and Technology on June 3, 2022, Friday.

In an overwhelming disappointment, we call this Church of God’s act an abominable act accorded to one of God’s creations who deserves equality, an equality that is no more or no less than a human being.

For an organization that teaches moral ascendancy and is supposed to set Christ-like living but to commit such a deliberate act unfitting to anyone else’s eyes just so because allegedly Sass is a transgender woman and BBM supporter is an outright slap in the face, a desecration of its religious teaching and foundation.

In every sense of the word, we condemned in the strongest possible terms the flagrant display of hatred and bigotry! Philippine Pundit


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