Should America Allow Obama Once More?

(The original version of this article titled “After all the Obama administration’s failures, should America allow Barack once more?” was first published on, June 26, 2012, as an entry for the “American Pundit”.)

Should America allow Obama once more despite his administration’s failure? One way or another, American democracy, like the rest of the democracies in the world, has not yet reached a reasonable maturity. Their politics in choosing would-be president among hopefuls is evident when Barack Obama’s art of persuasion hit America’s electorate majority bigly. Barack won.

Would it still be effective once more?

It would when America remains myopic, lethargic, and visionless to assess the Obama administration’s massive failure on significant economic policies. It is high time to wake up from Barack Obama’s quack accomplishments.

Since the Great Depression, America has never experienced an economic blast of recession, yet. Only today when the Obama administration steps in.

President Obama is still unfeasible promising all things impossible before the very eyes of all Americans young and old.

“Economy built to last” farcical drama

Now, Obama, again, is trying to persuade America to believe in his “economy built to last”—apparently boasting of his self-concluded accomplishments. But would it really last?

Hopefully, we presume to have already been identified what is farcical in Barack Obama’s drama of persuasion.

As the US election day is nearing, issues that make or break America in the future are already suggesting whether should America allow Obama for his ambitious next term.

For instance, on the issue of immigration policy reform, Obama is quite promising to mend America’s reputation of being hostile to immigrants. He is promising also to bring a sigh of relief to these folks.

But, why just now? He has been in office for years now.  Is this another bluff in exchange for America’s votes?

DREAM Act is all about foolish dreams

President Obama is very clear in his DREAM Act to only provide temporary relief for non-Americans.

Now, who’s dreaming foolishly around, or who’s being fooled?

Obama’s understanding of America’s health care system is evident by revolutionizing it into a mandatory policy. People should think that their government is categorically passing its responsibility on to private corporations.

One way or another, it would become a real dream that more and more Americans would be seen begging for health care on major thoroughfares all over the United States.

Anyway, who could take for granted Obama’s stand on legalizing marijuana?

Obama gave a deaf ear to this issue giving much cautious consideration to what America’s voice says so.

Isn’t this a clear manifestation that a President at that has no clear-cut solution to the surging controversy?

Seemingly, Obama has been so humble to share his sentiments on the issue during this campaign season. He has been so diplomatic to speak on that as he understood very well of the orchestrating demand of America’s hemp users, at the very least.

Should America allow Obama once more? The United States has been undergoing economic repairs throughout the Obama administration. Yet, alleviation could hardly be felt by the vast Americans. This experience would surely end President Obama’s political ambition. His untiring art of persuasion pushes Americans to the brim of nearly developing immunity from empty promises. ▲


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