Why still choose Donald Trump despite all?

Why still choose Donald Trump matters most during this time the world is on a reset is every American’s duty. America is an equation of standards or norms and dominance. Her star-spangled banner radiates power, influence, and horror. It growls tragedy. With her swagging arrogance, there exudes probity and decency. America is great! Americans may not.

The world longed to see America back on its feet again. They longed to see her manned by an underdog, unconventional, harsh talking, undiplomatic, yet a leader with a clear vision for the welfare of its people, without discrimination.

Why still choose Donald Trump after all?

US President Donald Trump isn’t everyone’s traditional politician who mastered the craft of American politics—a brand of politics that wowed the world for a delusional yet the proudest democracy on Earth. Where good fame equals good votes, and the opposite bows down to acceptance, that kinda American brand of accepting defeat in politics. But Trump neither those nor these odd American pretenses. He exceeds everyone’s expectations.

Although he talks as straight as a bold straight line and dashes his public tirade a kilometric agony and contempt for those who don’t simply like him, Trump always makes sure that his message is well resonated across the busy streets of the super commercialized New York, down the soporific scenes at Broadway, eclipsing the vision of the obnoxious, pious traditional politicians of the United States of America.

He utters from bland to mediocrity to superimposed intelligence that only in such unforgiving personality Americans can expect the true service for American people. You can ask every son and daughter of America how Trump led Great America. Four of five, says exquisitely progressive and innovative.  Ask the mainstream media; four of five would rather say it was horrific. We know how the media play their game and how they are well played by their masters. It was disastrous.

Trump talks delicately as his mind does. Runs his unimpeachable exposition bold and daring. Speaks of death, of life, of cabal from a full-blown conspiracy to follies and outright truth. But never mess with his realistic economic and foreign policies that propel America to something the world remains in awe.

As the rest of Americans do, Trump as well is already cynical, jaded, and fed up with all traditional political platforms, promises, branding, and scripted responses that in every US election are recycled, rebranded, re-streamlined, and repackaged to make Americans duped or fooled.

A shift to horrible America

Now, America’s leadership is undergoing a shift if only American patriots allow it to happen. A shift to what most of us horrific but a sort of bliss to others. History can tell it wrong. We cannot turn back time as we cannot make fraud as a legitimate excuse.

On that day, Americans may experience the same old song and the same old dose of leadership that has led Americans before the Trump administration making it the worst nightmare.

Traditional politicians know nothing new in providing solutions to the cyclic problems that have been deteriorating for decades-long. For what are their only aim is just to remain in power and influence. But you and I know President Donald Trump is remarkably different. ▲

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