How to Start Seeing Visions or Alarming Events

How to start seeing visions is synonymous with how to become a prophet. Although the term “prophet” is esoteric in its nature and usage, that is, most commonly referred to and widely accepted and understood to be used exclusively for religion, it is well better understood and more appropriately considered as an ordinary term appropriately used to refer a person with an ability to see future events, give insights, able to get discernments about things that are uncomfortable by many or a few with their common senses.

What is the difference between visions and prophecy? What is insight? What is discernment?

Visions, in this context, are things that belong to the future domain and are mostly events about to happen. This definition of visions also holds the same definition of prophecy. From the medium where and when visions appear to the moods of the person though there would be some variations, especially when it comes to the mode of acquisition of this ability—gifted or developed, bestowed or acquired to the nature and characteristics. Both visions and prophecy share a common ground.

Insight, on the other hand, is deep impressions about things, people, places, etc. based on both intuition and objective manifestations that are either tangible enough to perceive or intangible to the physical senses.

Furthermore, insight is more than perception, deeper than impression itself, having a basis of impression that is more rooted in intuition than anything else. Comparatively, discernment shares the same ground of definition as what insight means. In this context, insight and discernment can be used interchangeably for the usage of the same intended meaning.

How to Start Seeing Visions?

How to see visions or how to have visions is not a question at all. From a gnostic point of view, it is naturally in us. Seeing visions is inherent to us long before we were born on this planet.

On a personal note, I deeply believed in the notion that human beings are versions of God. This personal belief is not coming from any texts that can be read anywhere else or from the words of somebody else. Rather, it came from personal experiences and deep observation and consideration of all possible nuances that of help to figure out things that it is.

Most of all, it came from an out-of-physical sense experience that was felt and as if it was bestowed upon and out-of-nowhere it just came upon itself after months-long of meditation, self-questioning, self-conversing with Nature, prayer, abstinence, hunger, and silence. What happened next is a new version of self; a self who is reborn; a being who can understand itself more than ever before—a new beginning of itself.

How to Start Seeing Visions
Meditation is a form of inner silent communication. (Photo by Prasanth Inturi)

One way is meditation. What is meditation? It is a form of inner silent communication that allows us to communicate through waves of vibrations produced by an incomprehensible loudness of silence as we let our inner self in a trance-like state. You know you are in a deep state of meditation when you feel you are in between being awake and asleep at the same time. You only hear, feel, and see total darkness in the beginning but are so calm as you further into your meditative state.

Further, as you go into meditation every day and at any comfortable time of the day, you’ll feel something new. Something that cannot be explained in words. You’ll experience lucid dreams and at some time out-of-body experience.

When you come to this stage, things will just come naturally. You just feel almost everything and almost anyone else depending on your mood and your vibration level. Your priorities in life change. Your perspectives change. Your previous thought about life and all-time fear of death will no longer be the same. You’ll become more spiritual than religious. Religion will no longer matter to you. Give it a try. You’ll never regret it. ▲


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