With massive leads, China becomes the top donor to Philippines during pandemic

The top donor to the Philippines during pandemic is unsurprisingly China with massive leads among the donors.

The Wuhan virus pandemic or globally known as the COVID-19 pandemic deserves a standing ovation for the world to take notice much more critically than the Black Death pandemic in 1347–1352 despite its astounding record death of 200 million. China leads as the top donor to the Philippines during the pandemic.

Top donor to Philippines during pandemic

As the rest of the world keeps on maneuvering to combat this pandemic, 20 countries have been helping the Philippines to grapple amid the global crisis. But there is one country that becomes the top donor to the Philippines during pandemic.

1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Brunei Darussalam
4. Canada
5. China
6. the Czech Republic
7. Egypt
8. Indonesia
9. Israel
10. Japan

11. Libya
12. Singapore
13. South Korea
14. Switzerland
15. Taiwan
16. Thailand
17. Turkey
18. the United Arab Emirates
19. United States
20. Vietnam

Take note that these are only records that have been received by the Philippine government through the Office of Civil Defense (OCD) since March 16, 2020, so far, and as the time of press.

In the number of donations, China registered 254; UAE, 59; and the US, 52. Donations are either in-kind or financial and that include the Philippine government, private sectors, and individual beneficiaries that OCD recorded. The OCD recorded 34 million pesos of financial donations that include domestic donors that the Philippine government so far has received. RQJ


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