4 Benefits of Interactive Touch Displays [Digital Signage]

The article below is originally posted on the Katomado Digital website on Dec. 29, 2020. Katomado Digital helps you provide the best, value-for-money digital signage technology for your business. The full article can be read here: “4 benefits of interactive touch displays in the new normal education setting

Interactive touch displays are believed to promote motor skills and boost the visual digital learning experience (Estefania et al, 2018). But how far our information technology preparedness speaks for it when the COVID-19 pandemic hit us without warning?

Information and communications technology (ICT) evolves so fast. Some sectors in our society are begging to catch it up worried to be left behind. The COVID-19 pandemic exposes us all. It shows our embarrassing pedigree. Despite the education system we have had, still we were caught off guard and almost devastated in terms of ICT intelligence and preparedness.

This new normal of education setting heads us to embrace the technologically-advanced environment to help the system continue functioning. The benefits of interactive touch displays help students and teachers increase their motivation and learning. ▲ [Read more…]


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